Our Mission:

Soul food.

Vocational training for vulnerable young women.

Meals to at-risk children.

Emotional and spiritual support.

Food for body, mind, and spirit.

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Our Mission

Today’s Ten Eighteen is focused on three critical areas in Uganda:

* Food for at-risk children in Mbarara and Bukaleba.

* Vocational training, intervention, and assistance for young women and mothers in Uganda’s largest slum, Namuwongo.

* Modern-language Luganda Study Bible publishing.

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Our Impact

Ten Eighteen has been working with NGOs in Uganda since January, 2009. Our team has made a combined 27 visits, solidifying relationships and building programs. We have impacted the lives of thousands of women, children, hospice patients, and those able to read the Luganda Bible in a modern translation.

In this, our 10th year, we are refocusing and narrowing our efforts, desiring deeper connection and impact on those we are serving.



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Thousand dollars donated


Our Programs


Food for kids

Through partnerships with companies and individuals, we have been providing over 1000 pounds a food a month to the children in the Arise Africa (Bukaleba) babies home, primary, and secondary schools; and to the very at-risk kids at Hopeland School in Mbarara.


Since our inception, we have worked with women and children in Uganda’s largest slum, Namuwongo. We are excited to partner with the Guardian Angel Foundation Uganda to work with young women and their children through vocational training, life skills, and support.

Luganda bible - modern day translation

For over 5 years, we have been publishing the Bible (New Testament, Proverbs and Psalms) as translated into modern Luganda by Pastor Samuel Namatiiti of Kampala. A new, complete, hard backed version is in the works, and we also have an ebook available.


august 2019

We cannot forget to appreciate you for your kindness and generosity, that you could choose us to bless us with the monthly food support. This happened to be our biggest challenge, followed by the salaries for paying workers. We were having a huge challenge of feeding a small section of the students and the rest would go on an empty stomach…

Gideon Muhanguzi, Director, Hopeland School

We can now have our workshops as we wait for the equipments to arrive. I can't thank you enough! May God bless you!

Ronald Dbanks, Guardian Angel Foundation, Uganda

Thank you again for being a partner with Arise Africa International. May our good God richly bless you always!

Susan Maina, Administrative Director, Arise Africa International



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