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Our Mission: SOUL FOOD

Vocational training for vulnerable young women.

Meals to at-risk children.

Emotional and spiritual support.

Food for body, mind, and spirit.


Young mothers…

Many young women in the slums turn to prostitution or making illegal alcohol to make ends meet. Sexual abuse is rampant. Girls are less likely to be educated than boys. All of this leads to early motherhood and an often endless cycle. Working with Guardian Angel Uganda, our goal is to lift these young women out of the poverty and abuse cycle with vocational training.

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Food for children…

By providing much needed food for children at Hopeland School and Arise Africa International, we are helping to ensure that the children are healthy and can learn all they need to escape the circle of poverty.


Modern Luganda Bible

Pastor Samuel Namatiiti has translated the Bible into modern day Luganda. We are pleased to offer it in ebook and hard copy.